2022 Tri-State Radio Fest

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(as submitted by the PARS Board or by members brining these radios to the auction)

Auction Preview 

RCA Portable

RCA Portable

Radio turn on when dial cover is open. Radio electrically restored, dial cord slips.

RCA AR-812 With Batteries

Beautiful ORIGINAL wood finish. Comes with rare original batters (dead of course!).

Westinghouse RA-DA

Westinghouse RA-DA

Fine condition but missing the large knob.

Cathedral Speaker

Cathedral Speaker

Excellent original condition

Montgomery Ward

Almost 100 years old!

Atwater Kent Model 32

With Tubes.

Cathedral Speaker

Arborcone Speaker

Paper Tag on back is, like the speaker, in excellent shape.

FADA One Sixty

Nice example from Frank De Andrea.

Westinghouse Aeriola Senior

With Tubes.

Cathedral Speaker

Radiola 33

Radiola 33 with speaker.

Loose Coupler Receiver

Beautifully made with cat’s whisker and vintage parts.

Gloritone Radio

With Tubes. Unique.




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