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SPECIAL NOTICE: Upcoming Events

PARS “normally” meets about 8 times a year including an annual picnic in July and our annual Holiday Luncheon around Thanksgiving. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has ruined 2020 for us! The Board has decided that we will try to return to normal with the July 18, 2021 picnic. Sadly, for the second year in a row,  the Tri-State Radio Fest normally held in April every year, will not be held again this year. It features a large flea market followed by a 200-lot auction. Our annual Fall Auction WILL BE held in September, 2021, but it is smaller and less formal. The agenda for most other meetings includes a flea market (tables are free to members) and chat session, followed by a Subway lunch (for $6), then any scheduled presentations, a brief business meeting and adjournment. Most meetings start at 9AM and are over by 2PM. We can’t wait to get back together in March, 2021!

CANCELED: Tri-State Radio Fest

CANCELED for 2021. TSRF WILL DEFINITELY be back in April of 2022!!

The Tri-State Radio Fest is PARS largest annual event with a large conbination flea market and auction, plus a great contest with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. TSRF 2022 will be better than ever. STAY TUNED!

CANCELED: PARS Meetings – January thru June 2021

Another group of meetings unavoidably lost to the COVID Pandemic.

TYPICAL MEETING AGENDA AND DETAILS: Meetings are held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church 3725 Brownsville Road, 15227
9AM to 11:30 Open Flea Market–Free Tables For Members
10AM to 11:30 Open Chat, Contest Judging, Flea Market
11AM: Possibly a brief presentation and contest winners announced.
11:30AM Lunch– We will have a drink, chips and a Subway sandwich lunch for $6.
Noon: Brief business meeting
Noon-2PM: More chat time for those who want to stay.

Bring a friend to introduce them to PARS and our Hobby.

PARS IS BACK: Summer Picnic – Sunday July 18th 2021 !!

07/18/2021 10:00

Summer Picnic Sunday July 18th 10:00 AM till eve
CONTEST: Microphones


For 2021 only, this is a CATERED event.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Trunk Sale 10AM to Noon.

The picnic will be held at the North Park Roosevelt Pavilion which is the same as 2020. Drinks and a full picnic menu will be served by The Cooked Goose. Everything will be provided. Unlike normal years, PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY FOOD.

PEASE DO BRING your car trunk full of goodies to sell. This is a new feature this year. From 10:30-noon you can sell anything from your car from 10:30 to noon. At noon, we will eat and have our contest and meeting. So we ask that sales stop during that time.

ANOTHER thing you can bring is a folding chair in case more seating is needed. There is good parking adjacent to Roosevelt pavilion and it is an easy roll-up for anyone in a wheel chair. So please park in the parking lot next to the Roosevelt.

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SPECIAL MEETING: PARS August, 2021 – Saturday August 28th, 2021

PARS Officer Elections

08/28/2021 09:00

CONTEST: Recorders: Tape, Wire, Cylinder or Record, 1930 to 1970

Held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 3725 Brownsville Road, 15227

9AM (setup and flea market) to ~ 2PM
We will have coffee and a Subway lunch available for $6.
This meeting will include elections for PARS Officers.

This is a special event for 2021. We normally don’t meet in August.

  Details – Learn More

PARS FALL AUCTION – Saturday September 25th 2021

PARS Meeting and Auction
/25/2021 8:00AM SETUP TIME

Held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 3725 Brownsville Road, 15227
9AM to 4PM
9AM to 11:30 Open Flea Market–Free Tables For Members

CONTEST: Crystal Radios

10AM to 11:30 Auction setup and preview
11AM: Possibly a brief presentation and contest winners announced.
11:30AM Lunch– We will have drinks, chips and a Subway sandwich lunch for $6.
Noon: Auction Starts
Noon-2PM: Auction

2PM: Checkout

You can bring any antique radio or vintage electronics to be auctioned. Allow some time for you to register as a seller and to tag your auction items.  Modern electronics such as computers and flat screen TVs may not be auctioned (but members can have them on their flea market tables). Rusty junk will also be refused. PARS reserves the right to refuse anything submitted for auction. The contest for this meeting is undetermined.


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PARS Fall Radio Clinic

October 23, 2021

Contest: Curtain Burner Radios With A Resistance Line Cord

10/23/2021 10:00

PARS MEETING and Radio Clinic.

Held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 3725 Brownsville Road, 15227.

Contest – Curtain Burner Radios (with Resistance Line Cord)

PARS members may bring any radio to be diagnosed and/or repaired by our experts. We set up 4 or 5 radio repair stations with test equipment and a small supply of repair parts. PARS reserves the right to refuse anything submitted for repair in our Clinics, particularly if the item is deemed to be unsafe. PARS clinicians will attempt to diagnose the radio’s problems and make repairs if that is practical. Suggestions may be offered for restoring the radio. All radios must go home with their owners. Clinicians will not take radios home for additional repair work. Diagnosis and repair services are provided at no charge. 


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PARS Holiday Luncheon

December 4th, 2021 

Contest: Telephones

12/04/2021 10:00

PARS MEETING and Holiday Luncheon
Saturday, December 4, 2021
Held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 3725 Brownsville Road, 15227.

Contest – Telephones

Since many members will be unfamiliar with your contest entry (not being familiar with old telephones), it would be great if you can include something  in your display that adds context — manuals, ads from magazines and similar materials.

The Luncheon will be nicely catered as we have always done.

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Don Polito Passes

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A Philco 90 Restoration by Lou Gaetano

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Capacitor Tips

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