About PARS

The Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society (PARS) was established in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1986 by Richard Brewster, John Haught and others.[1] Its purpose is “the preservation and exhibition of historic communications equipment and early electronic entertainment media and related material, with an emphasis on the Pittsburgh region.”[2]

The Pittsburgh Oscillator: journal of the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society (formerly The Pittsburgh Oscillator: newsletter of the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society) is published quarterly. Its ISSN is 0879-9480. Its OCLC record number is 17679107.

The Society has also produced a series of almost 30 publications on various aspects of radio history. Examples are: A Bibliography of Frank Conrad, a comprehensive list of writings by and about Frank Conrad, one of the founders of radio station KDKA (2007); Vintage Radio Redux, the collected essays of radio historian Karl Laurin (2008); and Richard Brewster’s An Interview with Harold Beverage (2007). Harold Beverage was the inventor of the wave antenna, also known as the Beverage antenna. A complete list of publications in this series is available on the Society’s web page, which is linked below.

The Society has about 140 members and meets eight or nine times a year. Lower on this page you will find our constitution, a membership form a current Officers list and other basic club information..

Our Story: Since 1986

 At one p.m. on April 6 [1986], John Haught convened the first general meeting of the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society (PARS) in the PNG Company building in Hopewell Township.  Richard Brewster was elected president of the fledgling Society. Also elected were John Haught as vice president, David Kraeuter as secretary, and Bill Dawson as treasurer. 

By June of 1987, the group had been meeting regularly. That June meeting was held in the VERY ROOM from which Frank Conrad made the first commercial radio broadcast!. Sadly, the Conrad garage that held that room was slated for demolition and PARS’ early efforts focused on saving the garage and bringing attention to the role played by Frank Conrad. 

You can follow along PARS early history by becoming a member and reading the early newsletters (a few of which are available on this website).


Our Mission & Vision

 The Society is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of historic communications equipment and early electronic entertainment media and related material, with an emphasis on the Pittsburgh region. Members are encouraged to acquire, restore, or replicate historic items and collect publications, recordings, and other materials related to the history of communications and broadcasting.


PARS Privacy Policy

"Who Are Those Guys?" We are the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society, born in 1986, dedicated to preserving radio history, with an emphasis on broadcast radio. Our website address is: https://pittsburghantiqueradiosociety.org. What personal data we collect and why we...

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DETAILS: December 20th Holiday Luncheon

DETAILS: December 20th Holiday Luncheon

PARS Holiday Luncheon December 5th, 2020 Contest: Telephones Start: 12/07/2019 10:00 PARS MEETING and Holiday Luncheon Saturday, December 5, 2020 Held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 3725 Brownsville Road, 15227. Contest - Military Radios, in honor of the historic...

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October 24 Radio Clinic Meeting Details

October 24 Radio Clinic Meeting Details

PARS Meeting - Saturday October 24th 2020 Fall Radio Clinic CONTEST: Curtain Burner Radios with a Resistance Line Cord Start: 10/24/2020 10:00 Held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 3725 Brownsville Road, 15227 9AM to 2PM 9AM to 11:30 Open Flea Market--Free Tables For...

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2020 Fall Auction September 19th

2020 Fall Auction September 19th

PARS Fall Auction Saturday September 26th, 2020 PARS Officer Elections Start: 09/26/2020 09:00 CONTEST: Crystal Radios Held at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 3725 Brownsville Road, 152279AM  to  4PMWe will have drinks, chips and a Subway lunch available for $6.This...

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PARS Membership Application

Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society Membership Application/Renewal Name ________________________________________________ Street ________________________________________________ City ________________________State ______ Zip____________...

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PARS Constitution

Constitution of the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society, Inc. ARTICLE I - NAME The organization shall be known as the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society, Inc. (Incorporated). ARTICLE II - PURPOSE The Society is incorporated as a non-profit corporation. The Society is...

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Get Involved

PARS needs you! Every member must consider how they can make a contribution to the future of PARS. Can you make a presentation at a PARS meeting? Can you help with our auctions? Write an article for the Oscillator? Write a blog post on this web site? Chair a committee to get a specific project done? Or just add your comment to any blog post on this web site so that it become a more interesting discussion. You CAN help. Speak with any club Officer or Board Member to volunteer your support! Do it TODAY!

PARS Meetings

Most meetings are held at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church basement hall located at 3725 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh 15227. Check the NEWS  & EVENTS page on this site for the current meeting schedule.

PARS Special Events

Two of our annual events do not happen at the Church. The Tri-State Radio Fest, PARS' biggest event of the year, is held each April at the Center Stage Banquest Hall at  1495 Old Brodhead Rd, MonacaPennsylvania 15061. The PARS Annual Radio Picnic is held each July in North Park, generally at the Roosevelt Pavilion if we can get it. These two events plus our annual holiday luncheon at the church are PARS' best-attended events of the year. Please see the NEWS & EVENTS page for this year's specific details.

PARS Officers & Board Members

Bob Knowlton, President - [email protected]

Vice-President (OPEN)

Jeff Pleva, Treasurer - [email protected]

Chris Wells, Secretary - [email protected]

Andy Manko, Board - [email protected]

Ed Kaczkowski, Board - [email protected]

John Busalaachi, Board - [email protected]

Joe Patrick W3KWZ, Editor of The Pittsburgh Oscillator (PARS Quarterly Newsletter) - [email protected]

Rex Kraeuter, Club Historian & Publications Manager- [email protected]

James Stevens, Webmaster - [email protected]







PARS Volunteers

As with most hobby clubs, PARS is entirely staffed by volunteer Officers, Comittee Chairmen and Board Members. New volunteers for these positions are always welcome. To contact any of the current slate of officers and Board members, please see the ABOUT PARS page elsewhere on this web site.

NOTICE: This web page and this entire web site including all photographs, text and content is copyright 2019-2024 by The Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society, Nothing on this web site or in our newsletter The Pittsburgh Oscillator may be republished in any form without the express written consent of a PARS Officer or Board member. Permission must be sought and granted in advance of publication and proper attribution to PARS must appear on the same page, on the same screen or video segment in such a way that it occupies the same space as the republished PARS  information. See the  ABOUT PARS page for PARS contact information.