Hallicrafters S-38 Dial String

I need your help. What you’re looking at here is the Hallicrafters S-38B dial string mechanism. The “wheel” closest to you in the image is for the main dial. The one in the background is a similar mechanism for the bandspread dial. Both dial cords are broken (thanks Ron!). The string in each case has a simple path around the “wheel”, around a knob shaft, and back to a spring which pokes through a hole in the wheel. You can see the springs in the pix. To be clear, on both the main dial and the bandspread dial, there is one string that makes a loop that starts AND ENDS at that spring. I am thinking that the easiest way to re-string these is to loosely lay the string in its correct path and then tie both ends to the spring. Then finally, the other end of the spring is poked through the hole in the wheel which pulls on the spring thereby tensioning the dial string. This won’t be any picnic to do. Is there an easier way?

Hallicrafters S-38B Dial String