--A quick note from another friend

Re-purposing old PC power supplies has long been an inexpensive solution to our low-voltage power requirements. Lots of people must be doing this for various needs and so the market has responded with a way to make it easier,.

To simplify re-using old PC power supplies for your projects, there are now adapters that plug into the power supply’s connectors and break-out the various voltages available. Here are some examples:  

ARCELI XH-M229 Desktop PC Chassis Power ATX Transfer to Adapter Board Power Supply Circuit Outlet Module 24Pin Output Terminal 24 Pins


Ntice that one of these even has fuses on the output!  These seem to run $10-$20 on eBay and Amazon. Search for “PC Power Supply Connectors” to find them. I love it when a plan can be skipped because someone has already done the planning for me! –Don Merz