1940 (Before My Time)

Prior to the war, “radio” stores sold mostly parts. The “Radio monopoly” led by RCA was trying to use their patents as bludgeons to make you buy RCA and the others. It wasn’t working. But still, this 1940 Tydings catalog pictured features mostly parts with a good selection of ham radios and public address systems! Good reading but poor photo reproduction. Some auto radios and LOTS of test gear. 

Tydings 1954 Catalog

This shows a Baum Boulevard address–I don’t remember that. All the other Tydings catalogs I have before and after this one show a Liberty Avenue address. Tubes and antennas were big business. And the reel to reel tape recorder was making it’s appearance.

Tydings 1961

Better printing but less content. Kit test gear from Eico, Paco, Heathkit and probably others. Lots of ham gear including Drake and E.F. Johnson. A ton of home hi-fi–some of it is even STEREOPHONIC! Whoa!

1963 Tydings Radio Catalog

The last one in my small collection. Shiny covers hiding a thin content selection. Begemphasis on mobile gear on any band. TV is rearing it’s ugly face. But hey!–check out those great CB radios good buddy! And you could have bought an Eico RP100 reel to reel tape deck! (But I’m gussing you didn’t!). Ah yes….TYDINGS. Now don;t get me started on Cameradio!